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The Company


Thanks to the know-how gained over more than 30 years, Guillermo JAUME is today one of the main, largest and most reliable foreign trade companies in Uruguay. It is always looking for new and better ways to meet the clients’ needs in today’s global market.

Our staff —made up of professionals highly experienced in the area of logistics and foreign trade— guarantee a fast, creative and profitable solution for every single client.

Each logistics and foreign trade operation is tailor-designed for achieving the best final result.

Thanks to a solid network of associated companies, Guillermo JAUME can guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of all international trade operations.


As never before in history, companies think and act globally. In view of this reality, Guillermo JAUME provides you with advice on foreign trade and logistics, and is by your side in your search of new opportunities in potential markets.


Guillermo JAUME strives to be the main provider of foreign trade and logistics services in Uruguay, prioritizing quality service at all times and offering increasingly better solutions for the international growth of clients.

Management policy

As an expression of its commitment to the quality of the services it provides, and with the support of the supply chain that it is part of, Guillermo JAUME, a Foreign Trade Agent, adopts this Management Policy in compliance with legal regulations for the benefit of its clients and vendors, thus consolidating their trust and enhancing their satisfaction.

To this end, we commit ourselves to:

  • Provide our clients and other parties involved with a service adapted to their needs and expectations in terms of quality and safety.
  • Perform professionally, efficiently, timely and responsibly.
  • Permanently unfold our services, in order to offer our clients the best solutions for the activities they perform.
  • Meet the corresponding legal requirements and current national and international regulations concerning our activities.
  • Keep current in terms of foreign trade regulations, tools and processes.
  • Be alert to avoid involuntarily participating in the handling of merchandise that may threaten security.
  • Oppose any illicit activities* that we detect, and cooperate to ensure safe and legal handling of the merchandise.
  • Continuously enhance and update our Management System, and train our staff.
  • Have the necessary resources to fulfill our commitments.
  • Illicit activities associated with foreign trade include drug trafficking, smuggling, terrorism, trafficking in counterfeit products, etc.

Company Data


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